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We believe your wedding day is not merely a day but an unfolding of your beloved dreams. Hence, We don't just cover your wedding! Instead, we capture every tiny detail of your adored and joyous moments, starting from the gleam of hopes for your big day to saying goodbye for a new beginning purely to unveil the story of your celebration of love in a cinematic replay!


Lights and Magics Sri Lankan Wedding Videographer is a committed and first-rated wedding videographer who exclusively furnishes premium wedding stories enduring with a pinch of magic to make your light of love sparkle every day and night!


Wherever you plan your wedding, within the country or intimate destination for your splendid destination wedding, to shoot your luxury wedding across anywhere in the world, we got you covered on the job!



Covering your wedding is hardly what we do! We put together the stories of love as an expression of genuine storytelling. You will get an outcome of an evolving cinematic narration of your biggest day that will be treasured down for generations!


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Ancella Marcus ( Los Angeles, USA )

Rajeewa and team are simply amazing in what they do, Thank you for making my big day special! Would blindly recommend you guys to all the lovely couples who are wondering whom to choose as cinematographers for their big day!

N I M A S H A + J O S H U A | Story-Teller
Lights and Magic

N I M A S H A + J O S H U A | Story-Teller

All Categories
All Categories

N I M A S H A + J O S H U A | Story-Teller

S H E E T H A L + C H A R A N A

S U T H A + S A N J E E V

N U S H A R A + C H A M A R A | Story-Teller

M A H A + J A M E S | Story-Teller

D I L K I + I M A N | Pre-Session

T H A R U K I + G A Y A N | Highlight

R A N U S H A + G A Y A N | Story-Teller

J I T H M I + C H I N T H A N A | Story-Teller

S A C H I N I + D I N E L | Story-Teller

K A V Y A + D E V A

K I Z H A N A + U M E S H | Teaser

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With us, you get wedding videos that not only look good in the present but videos you’d be looking to in the coming years with joy in your heart.

"Wedding Video is told in a special way that's curated just for you. Make sure to get the videographer that matches your tone and comfortable working with. Always be sure to ask for demos, don't just go for recommendations. Get the best videographer you can afford, Make the extra cost, trust me you won't regret later."

Harshana MDR ( Lights and Magic )

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5STAR Weddings

United Kingdom

5 Star Wedding Directory And Community is a collection of the world's best luxury wedding venue and suppliers featured by the UK and international wedding professionals and top wedding planners. As a beautiful country that provides a home for countless unique wedding destination venues. It is a privilege to be part of this massive international wedding directory in the UK to stand for the country as a first-ranked premium Sri Lankan wedding videographer and a Sri Lankan destination wedding videographer.

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Bride Story

South Asia

Bridestory is one of the world's renowned destination wedding planning directories, representing the most prominent destination wedding planning directory in South Asia. We, Lights and Magic, are also proud to take on the lead in wedding Videography in South Asia, representing Sri Lankan wedding videography and Sri Lanka destination wedding videography.


World Wide Event Videgraphers Association

Pro Member

WEWA is a collection of professional top-ranked wedding videographers from worldwide. Representing Sri Lanka as a luxurious Sri Lankan Wedding Videographer is truly an entitlement for us.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

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