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Top 20 International Wedding Videographers of the World

Listed by the United Kingdom

LUX LIFE | 2022's Leaders in Luxury Awards

Best Destination Wedding Videographer Sri Lanka.

Stepping into a world where every frame is laced with wonder, and every click captures a story, Lights and Magic stands as your premier destination wedding videography team in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Immortalizing not just moments, but the essence of your love and celebrations on the grand stage of life.

Just like each relationship, every wedding film we create is distinct. From the swirling emotions of your grand entrance to the delicate whispers shared underneath the starlit skies, our cinematic approach interweaves the spectacle and the intimate, turning your day into a timeless saga.

let us paint your love story in vivid cinematic hues! Connect with us and take the first step towards turning your dream day into an eternal memory with Lights and Magic - where stories unfold, love is captured, and magic is created.


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Ancella Marcus ( Los Angeles, USA )

Rajeewa and team are simply amazing in what they do, Thank you for making my big day special! Would blindly recommend you guys to all the lovely couples who are wondering whom to choose as cinematographers for their big day!

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At Lights and Magic, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling through the lens. We are not mere observers; we are creators of a visual symphony, inspired by real moments, real emotions, and boundless beauty. Each wedding is a new canvas, your personal love story our muse.

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