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Despite the job role allocated to each and every team member, WE ARE ONE TEAM performing a creative work of art in entwining your love story into an exceptional, cinematic film. Leaving out even a single member of the team wouldn't make our job possible, and to do what we excelled in Sri Lanka!

"The primary responsibility of a wedding videographer is to capture all of the ceremony and reception activities on film. Discreetly, what lights and magic do is much higher cause WE make NOT JUST VIDEOS BUT MEMORIES!"

Back in the days, when we had just set foot into wedding videography, we had a small crew of 2-3 people with minimal camera equipment which was uncomplicated and effortless to handle. Through the years, we progressed and alongside, we shifted to updated cameras and enlarged our collection with advanced lenses, more giant tripods, monopods, microphones, audio equipment, etc which were too bulky to be handled by a small crew while capturing the best of your moments cinematically.

"Consequently, we expanded our team only in the thought of recreating your love story with our fullest ingenious expertise at our best capacity."

Lights and Magic uses team members specified for their designated roles to deliver you a standard wedding film. The number of team members might differ from one wedding to another to the duties of the team based on the wedding packages and client requirements. To capture the frames from different angles and enclose all the emotions of the bride, groom, and families, we have 2-3 accomplished Videographers followed by one Lead Videographer. One among them will also be engaged as a sound recordist to record the audio of the wedding mass, speeches, dances, songs, etc hence it is vital to keep up the sentiments otherwise the final video output will be degraded.

"Where the group photos are taking place, when the couple shoot is going to take place, what time the guests will be seated for dinner, the list goes on. It’s my responsibility to know as much information as possible, to ensure we’re proactive and making the most of the time you have for us."

-Carrie Anne (Video Assistant)-

Correspondingly, the role of Video-Assistant is equally important in our team for it is the role that links all cinematographers in the group. When other videographers are filming a shoot, it is impractical for them to leave the shoot behind to change their batteries and memory cards in the middle of a shoot as it will undeniably distract them from their creative shots. Undoubtedly, here is when the team needs a Video-Assistant the most, for it will make the timings more flexible for the team which will be taken for back-up the footage, recharging the batteries, changing the memory cards, and whatnot. Besides, the role of a Video-Assistant is somewhat parallel to that of a planner, as in most cases the role also performs as a coordinator not only between photographers and the videography team but also between the client and the team.

"Supposing that there's no wedding planner, the Video-Assistant can be your mini wedding planner for the day, who is well informed inside out about every tiny detail of the wedding namely, which time to be at the wedding location, which time to end the photoshoot, when will the couple enter the hall and go away….. The more info the better, it will make not only the videography team foresighted but also the photographers!"

~Nipuni Mahathanthri~

Photographs are Courtesy of PEXELS

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