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Needless to say, that wedding day is the most significant and the happiest day of one's life. Nevertheless, let us be honest that your most significant day is going to be embodied with intensified excitement along with pondering stresses and anxieties all day. Besides, weddings are always meant to be intriguing, and the tendency of the bride and the groom getting overwhelmed remains high in every single wedding. Even so, have no worries, for this will provide you with a set of suggestions to be prepared for the anxiety of your wedding day stress and make your big day more manageable!

"Don't compare your wedding to anyone else's. Whether it's some girl from school or some couple off Instagram, pitting your wedding against another is a pointless exercise. Don't let anyone else do it about your day either, if your Aunt Dolores starts telling you about the amazing canapés at your cousin Jenny's wedding, tune her out, or change the subject!"

-One fab day by Claire-

After being to dozens of friends' weddings and seeing those celebrity and fairy tale weddings beyond reality, couples typically go in drawing the comparisons during their weddings. This frequently will make the couples more nervous and stressed. Besides there will be also those big mouths who will talk about someone else's wedding and trouble you needlessly on your wedding day. Our recommendation to those would always be that DON'T LET THE JOY OF YOUR DREAM DAY TO FALL APART DUE TO THOSE DISTRESSING TALKS OF OTHERS OR DO NOT LISTEN TO SUCH AT ALL 'CAUSE YOUR DAY IS DISTINCTLY YOURS AND IT IS MATCHLESS AND BEYOND COMPARE TO ANYONE ELSE'S WEDDING IN THE WORLD!

"Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. If you hit a snag in your plans, simply let it roll off your shoulders (this won't be easy, but there's no point in crying over spilt milk). Take a few deep breaths and wait for the stress to pass - your wedding planner or vendor will probably have a backup plan in full swing by the time you're done."

-WEDDINGWIRE by Alice Prendergast-

Since your wedding day will be a long one, trust that you will not have time to ponder small slips such as vendor arriving late, some flowers are missing in the bouquet, liquor doesn't arrive on time, etc. In such situations, first, remember to take a few deep breaths. Then wait till the tide of your stress cools down, for there will be plenty of people like your WEDDING PLANNER OR FAMILY MEMBERS not only to oversee a backup plan but also to execute it very diligently by the time you are chilled out! In the meantime, you can sit down have some "ME-TIME" by giving yourself a few moments to be mentally prepared for that long yet excited and exulted journey yet to begin.

"Last but certainly not least, you need to keep your eyes on the prize. Think about how much you love your soon-to-be-spouse and how much you've been dying to tie the knot- that will help get you past any little hiccups on your big day!"

-WEDDINGWIRE by Alice Prendergast-

Conventionally, almost all the brides and grooms are accustomed to being a little nervous and over-stressed on the wedding day following the upcoming day-long wedding jitters. Yet, the truth is that if you can have a fixed focus on the reason behind all of this, have faith that WEDDING STRESS IS SOMETHING SO LIGHT THAT WILL FADE AWAY LIKE A SHADOW IN FRONT OF YOU AND YOUR BELOVED'S LOVE. THUS, WHY NOT CHOOSE TO ENJOY EVERY TINY MOMENT OF THE DAY YOU DREAMED WITH THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE AND EMBRACE THE UNFORESEEABLE!

~Nipuni Mahathanthri~

Photographs are Courtesy of Elia Davide Weddings (

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