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Wedding days are always fleeting, which will make them pass away like the smell of the blooming spring. That is why most couples hire a photographer to capture the most precious moments of their dream day. Suppose a few photographs can turn into a memory that will be treasured forever. What about capturing the live moments of your laughter, words you utter at the altar, and merely every other moment that will remind you of your big day to clasp the memory of it warmly? That is why we tell you that hiring a premium wedding videographer is worth all the risks and Higher price when it is just a walkover to go with a low budget videographer!

“A professional wedding videographer needs about twice as much gear as a wedding photographer, and their editing workstations have to be very powerful to edit HD or UltraHD video quickly. Videographers also fill up hard drives rapidly and cannot readily backup to the cloud yet because of massive file sizes and the speed limitations of most internet connections.”


While searching for Videographers to capture the precious moments of your big day, You will meet many low-budget Videographers in the wedding field with an abundance of cheap Wedding Videography packages. However, as long as you demand a more quality cinematographic portrayal of your dream day, hiring a Premium Wedding Videographer will be your only and the best option. Have no doubts about hiring a Premium Videographer since it will be worth the money that you do not just spend also invest.

When choosing the vendors for the wedding hiring a Premium Wedding Videographer becomes out of the priority list as most people perceive wedding video as "it's just a video, right?" However, did it ever occur to your mind, "Why hiring a Premium Videographer for your wedding costs more if it's just a video?" It's obvious because an experienced Wedding Videographer requires a high investment compared to low budget ones. Premium Wedding Videographers are not just high in investment but also for their unique and outstanding style, experience, industrial expertise of the videography, services including the delivery of your Wedding story, and the final wedding film of your big day!

“Most couples have never hired a Wedding Videographer before, so they are not sure what they are looking for or what questions to ask to make sure that it will be everything they are dreaming it will be.”

-Simply Cinema-

Wedding cinematography is different from other video productions. That is why Hiring an experienced Wedding Videographer who has already specialized in wedding films and possesses the expertise knowledge of producing wedding films over several wedding seasons becomes a wiser option. Since the weddings are live events that happen within a blink of an eye and then only leaves the footprints of the shared love and the memories of the biggest dream of the life, the experience and the expertise of the videographers to handle the live moments before they vanish forever is a must. It is hardly possible to expect that from a set of freelance videographers who provide their services for cheap pricing. That is why hiring a Premium Wedding Videographer is worth more as most of the Videographers who work in Premium Wedding Videography companies are trained to film the Weddings and capable of shooting every tiny precious moment even before they vanish in the air! 

"The truth is, wedding videography is not simple. It's not just your uncle's recording your wedding in a camcorder; it's a complex process that needs to have a good investment to produce quality output."


Filming a wedding is not as you taking photographs of the couple. From lighting conditions, handling the changes of the motion of the aperture, editing tools, editing techniques, editing time to final delivery of the film, it is a complex process. Besides, every Videographer has a unique style of the way how they film a wedding. When it comes to Premium Wedding Videographers, they do not become "Premium" for nothing! But for their distinctive way of creating wedding stories and wedding films by overcoming all these challenges. That is why the precise moments they skillfully captured during the wedding day offer a spectacular cinematic experience of the biggest day of a couple's life even though they have to make a high investment.

"Wedding videos that tell a story are much more involved. They require a careful, trained eye to capture the emotions of the day artfully, tell the story with personal interviews, and edit the video in a thoughtful way that speaks personally to the bride and groom's story."


It is confusing to choose a Wedding Videographer in the competitive wedding industry. Still, make it a wise choice to select a Premium Wedding Videographer who always expects to offer you the best and the premium cinematic filming experience of your Wedding Videography!

~ Nipuni Paramitha Mahathanthri ~

Photographs are courtesy of BEYOND DESTINY

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