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“Something more unique” “something more exquisite and stunning” is frequently heard desires from most modern couples to make the biggest day of their lives everlasting. If you have been craving to create that “something special” vibe on your dream day, here is an open call to a few tips on how to make your wedding Video more cinematic through which you will be able to add so-called “Stunning and Exquisite” wedding aura into your big day!

“Gone are those days when a man with a camera and a big yellow focus light kept the camera rolling all day. Today wedding videos are all about telling stories. There is nothing like the magic of moving images that will capture some memorable events.”


Cinematographing a wedding is an extension of the wedding photographs. Bygone days, wedding videos were incorporated with every event that took place during the wedding including all sole wedding rituals that have been videotaped by the wedding videographer. In contrast, modern wedding videos deal with evolving a story of the couple who are getting wedded within split seconds in a creative or rather cinematic way. This portrayal of the cinematic experience of the love story of the wedded couple is merged with their genuine moods, emotions, and atmosphere that is far beyond just the documentation of your wedding day! This is why wedding videographers are to find everywhere but not wedding cinematographers since what they are doing is not merely weaving the clips together, but creating the story of love and the sparkling journey of the love story of the wedded couple in a creative and visionary way!

“Do you have to show everything in order? NO! I would recommend not doing that at all. You should weave clips together in the most engaging way possible. Save the order for the full-length film. One of the most frequent edits is starting a wedding highlight with a speech or the vows. Use this as a way to introduce us to the couple. Then you can show us everything else that happened during the day.”

-Michael Maher- (Premium Beat By Shutterstock)

A wedding day is an event it is the biggest day of someone’s life. Nevertheless, the story of the day belongs to the wedded couple. Thus, why not let them unveil their thoughts about the triumphs of the journey they made together? For instance, the bride can send her thoughts and love for the groom wrapped inside a letter until she appears before him all in white. The groom can relish reading every word of the love sent to him by the bride and the cinematographer can capture all these emotional and treasured moments lifelike to create your own love story vividly and cinematically! Besides, couples can share how they met, who proposed whom first and how or even the excitement of getting married and their plans. These dialogues can be put into the background of the video when introducing the bride and the groom which will add a unique taste of cinematography into your wedding video!

“Cinematic wedding video simply means that the videographer utilizes traditional storytelling effectively and concisely and produces content for their clients that tells the story of their special day in an emotionally true way that feels authentic, heartfelt, and inspiring. A cinematic video can utilize drones, sliders, gimbals, and other camera movements as techniques for elevating how eye-catching the visuals appear, but all of those techniques are wasted if the story isn’t captured well.”

-HD Video Pro by Daniel Brockett-

True, your cinematographer utilizes various camera equipment and creative techniques to make your wedding video more cinematic. Nonetheless, you don’t need to rely totally on your wedding cinematographer to make your wedding cinematic!

To put forward the concept of cinematic weddings, the couple can make use of diverse props and backgrounds to provoke a personal touch in terms of their love story on their big day. For instance, couples can use Chinese lanterns as a symbol of their love and send them into the night sky symbolizing the eternity of time they will be spending the rest of their lives and the hopes and dreams that they will unfold together. Lighting wedding sparklers when the couple walks off to an eternity of their life journey is one of the frequently favored pictorial concepts to make not only your wedding cinematic but also to make it very lifelike and lively filled with genuine laughs, jests, emotions, and blessings of your beloved family and friends.

Just because it is your big day, you are not expected to be serious about the day and stick posing what your photographer and cinematographer ask you to do! You can always try out being casual as much as possible just like you two are on a date with your friends and family around you. Creating a friendly and jestful vibe among the retinue can also be another simple contribution from your side which will make it easier for your cinematographer to capture your natural moments more vividly. For example, sunglass shoots and crazy poses with the bride and groom glasses and other fun props with your retinue will bring that jolly and natural mood to you despite all the tension of the hectic and fleeting schedule of your big day!

“What makes a video cinematic is less about fancy gear and more about using the language of cinema to tell the story of the wedding day. That means long shots, medium shots, close-ups, and knowing how and when to use them. It’s following the look of the bride’s face when she sees her father for the first time in her dress and then zooming in ever so slowly on his face as his eyes well up. It’s about listening and observing closely and recognizing when those emotional moments are happening.”

-HD Video Pro by Daniel Brockett-

If you desire to pleasure a cinematic version of all the treasured moments of your dream day, it is important to hire an experienced accomplished cinematographer who is passionate to listen and observe every moment of your wedding closely and not miss any of those emotional, joyous, and jestful moments that will make your wedding not only cinematic but also eternal with the adoring living memories of your big day hidden in your wedding video!

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

Cover Photo Courtesy of Enamour Studio

Videography by lights and Magic

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