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Ladies and gentlemen, say HELLO to the best-picked wedding features of 2021 to make your special day one-of-a-kind! Some wedding trends come and go, but some trends are here to stay! We got you covered, starting from sentimental ceremonies to over-the-top wedding extravaganzas.

A Bohemian Rhapsody

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"

This is exactly the feeling you'll get when in a Bohemian-styled wedding. Bohemian or Boho weddings are becoming much of a sought out wedding theme currently. It is something where both rustic and modern features of a wedding can be blended creatively.

Bohemian style is inspired by mythical and earthly details with whimsical florals, organic bouquets, succulents, and wood props.

These are mostly daytime outdoor weddings that brought out the trend of hanging decor adorned with fabrics, feathers, little wish bottles, etc...

The Unbox Therapy

You and I and the rest of the world got caught up in the Covid 19 rollercoaster. So we must put our wedding guests' health first with a little care package.

Rather than the traditional wedding favors, you can get a little creative with necessities in a box.

You can include a personalized hand sanitizer, masks, with your thank you cards, and take-home favors. Anyone would love to unbox a fancy care package that would make them feel loved.

The Cocktail Corner

This is something you could do if you are a fun-loving couple who puts an extra effort in maintaining the laughter and the vibe with your friends and beloveds on your special day.

You can make it more interesting by having customized cocktails that go with your wedding theme.

Get together with your partner and start making cocktail names. Drunk in love, Blushing Kiss, Just Married is some name options we are giving you to start up with.

Bring Back Vintage

Wood, textures, mix-and-matched patterns, laces, ruffles, floral crowns effortlessly bring back the decades of dramatic wedding effect. Going minimal is becoming too common, so why don't you try and go a little retro and stand out with a memorable wedding. Make it even more intimate by adding a family heirloom in your ceremonies like your grandmother's veil or your mother's ring box...that way, you have a wonderful story woven to your wedding day.

A Grazing Table

No one can resist a good grazing table with fruits, nuts, meat, cheese, crackers with dips, and dressings. You can arrange it with a spread of your choice, like salads, fruits and sometimes even sweets. Using different boards, jars, and bowls can make it a treat to both eyes and your taste buds.

A grazing table is an amazing wedding feature you can add, so you have a delightful space for your guests to mingle.

Lights and Magic

Yes, Why not??? Couples now create their ballroom under the stars. They design their fairytale ambiance with outdoor tents pulled with elegant drapery dazzled with sparkling lights. This upcoming wedding trend that will last a long time evokes romanticism and makes the guest enchanted with a little bit of magic.

Lights and Magic can make your wedding feel straight out of a romantic movie. (Pun intended)

A Toast of Humour/Love

Sometime back, wedding toasts are a few words spoken on behalf of the couple's health, wealth, and happiness. Now the times have changed… Yes, we still make a toast for the couple's happiness, but now we like to do it in style. Now the wedding speeches are more of a trend that is highlighted in your wedding video.

Make sure your best-spoken dearests take the mike and make it brief, nostalgic, funny, and amusing.

Tell us what you like the most! Make sure the wedding features or trends you pick will showcase your tastes and styles. Let's look forward to 2021.

~ Vihangi Weerasinghe ~

Photographs are courtesy of Enamour Studio

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