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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Sri Lanka is a country of mixed and diverse cultures. Sri Lanka is home to a variety of ethnic groups, languages, religions, and communities. From the native Sinhalese people to Tamil Indians, there are so many gorgeous wedding customs and traditions.

Sri Lankan Kandyan bride

Sri Lankan Kandyan bride wears a saree variation called Osaria. which is also known more generally as the Kandyan Saree.

Kandyan weddings take many cues from Indian Hindu weddings but with Sri Lankan Traditional Poruwa ceremony, they maintain an unmistakable Sri Lankan identity.

To add to their luxe look, Kandyan brides are also covered head to toe in jewels. From their headpiece, their Nalalpata, which stretches across their forehead, to their layers and layers of gold chains with heavy Padakkam, or pendants, Kandyan brides are resplendent. Often the bride also wears fresh flowers in her hair, similar to the Tamil tradition. These symbolize beauty, youth, and purity.

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