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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Industries across the globe faced a major stroke from the unexpected COVID19 outbreak. The pandemic shattered the hopes of many, resulting in a massive recession in the world’s economy. The Sri Lankan wedding industry also underwent a challenging time with the lockdowns, public gathering restrictions, and above all, the threat to life. Auspicious wedding dates and times have to be postponed. Wedding venues, floral and decoration suppliers, wedding entertainment, wedding videography, and photography crews together faced this brunt of uncertainty.

Taking a new turn

The Sri Lankan wedding industry took smart steps to rise up from the ashes. Venues started giving free change of dates and cancellation policies with better-discounted rates. Hotels began to follow a strict rule of putting health first by starting their safety procedures from the entrance itself that covers all contact points of their guests in compliance with the guidelines set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as local health and tourist authorities. Wedding guests were minimized, and only intimate ceremonies with the immediate family members were allowed first and gradually increased to accommodate larger gatherings when the risky situations healed.

The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation has given clear and distinct operational guidelines on preparedness and response for the COVID19 outbreak ensuring the safety of all travelers in and out of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka was recently endowed with the World Travel and Tourism Council's (WTTC) Safe Travels stamp as a recognition for the safety protocols introduced by the Government of Sri Lanka along with standards mandated by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) to ensure the safety of domestic and international travelers.

“The safety stamp will have a two-fold benefit both as a value addition to business entities and an assurance for travelers coming to Sri Lanka in a post-COVID-19 world.” Reports MENAFN - News In Asia.

So there’s nothing to be afraid of choosing this gem of an island for your destination wedding, cause believe us when we say, it’s promisingly safe! It’s a wedding venue that is easy on your logistics. Ranging from beaches to hills to private islands, Sri Lanka truly offers a memorable wedding venue in the most beautifully affordable way.

Being one of the premier Sri Lankan wedding videographers, we also had to adapt to the new normal. Always keeping a smile under our masks, we started telling all those beautiful love stories with a collective of best moments we can capture from intimate wedding ceremonies. Lights and Magic came up with resolutions to offer the most captivating cinematographic essence by not harming the grand gestures of a Sri Lankan wedding and its details in the slightest of manner.  

How can we let the pandemic collapse a magical moment that lasts forever? So we made it as it was before, to let those lovebirds say “I do” easily with peace of mind knowing that their wedding day is captured in the finest of details no matter how challenging the times can be. 

~ Vihangi Weerasinghe ~

Photographs are courtesy of Enamour Studio

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