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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Our desire is to get married once in life, isn't it? Thus, it is no wonder the effort that every couple puts together in making their Big Day a memorable one that they can relish for the rest of their lives. However, if you are deciding to hold your big day while the COVID-19 pandemic is striking at its highest, it is a must that you should rely on a risk-accepted approach. Anyway, How can a pandemic stop you from enjoying the crest of the celebration of your love?

“Cancelling a planned event is an option that should always be considered, especially in case of non-essential events or when precautions cannot be implemented or adequately communicated.”

-World Health Organization-

A World Pandemic not only making it hard for the couples but also for everyone who has pulled strings to plan any sort of big or small events in their life or at work. Especially at the increasing threat of spreading the COVID-19 virus, the idea of postponing long-made plans is utterly frustrating yet at the same time something that should be considered. That is why it is more common to see that couples who have dreamed of having their big day keep postponing them nowadays. Couples tend to postpone their dates, as they are hoping to go with their original plans without worrying or practicing social distancing or other pandemic related practices imposed by the government.

“Precautions to consider include actions to prevent transmission between people, and where to hold the venue and how it can be modified to make a safer environment.”

-World Health Organization-

Even still, You are so eager not to postpone your big day and ready to say “I do” amidst this pandemic, you can do so as the government and authorities are eased the rules and regulations on small public gatherings in some geographical areas. Yet, always keep in mind that it doesn't mean the risk of the pandemic has gone! It is better to heighten your attention more on practicing social distancing and other preventive measures more than ever!

“While some couples have vowed to cancel their nuptials until they can have the packed party of their dreams, others are turning to unique methods to ensure their ceremonies are social distancing-friendly.”

-Dowson White- (The Kansas City Star)

In a world of a pandemic, couples tend to come up with unique and more creative ways to get married and while ensuring themselves to stay safe away from spreading the virus.

Virtual Weddings are one such example, Where couples can live stream their wedding on Youtube or any other virtual platform. So they can physically limit the guest list to the closer ones in the family while inviting others to virtual space. You can skip the part “later” and ask your videographer to stream your whole wedding live, so it would be the same as your loved ones watching your wedding physically present. The best example for this is, in The USA, Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York has legally permitted virtual weddings so that couples who are ready to leap into the next step of their lives can do so in safe even amidst a pandemic!

At first, the idea of having a virtual wedding sounded a little crazy,” Alexander told Travel. “But as we started to talk through the logistics of it, we felt like it was something that we not only could pull off, but have some fun with and make a really special memory around.”

-Dowson White- (The Kansas City Star)

Weddings with a less number of guests are a good option that you can have if you decided to marry through this pandemic. Intimate weddings with a lesser number of guests is not a new thing as this was a common thing even before the pandemic emerged. Using this option, you could have less than 50 guests at your wedding. Which will also provide you a better space to practice COVID-related social distancing very conveniently.

“Let’s do this small. We can still have a wedding. We can still have our closest family and friends attend. And we don’t have to worry about it.”

-Dowson White- (The Kansas City Star)

However, it is fair that most couples do not want to wear masks on their wedding day. Who would wanna cover their lovely smile on a day like this? Even though couples can choose not to wear masks it is highly recommended that guests wear masks and follow other safety protocols that the Government insisted. For example, only the Bride and the Groom can enter the dance floor and if they want a dancing group to perform, they can restrict it maximum to 4 people where they can maintain one-meter distance from each other. Similarly, you can encourage the guests to wear masks all the time of the reception and discourage them from using the dance floor. if it is not possible, then you can ask them to maintain the one-meter distance as much as possible. Another thing that you can do is constantly reminding your guests about the preventive measures that they should follow.

Moreover, Sri Lankan weddings usually rely on auspicious times and consist of many traditions that are more unlikely to carry out on virtual platforms. That is the reason the Sri Lankan Government has issued a set of instructions on small crowd gatherings to follow. So that couples can have a safe environment on their wedding day while they can ensure that non of the participants will get infected with COVID-19.

Being one of the pioneers in the Wedding Industry, we always vouch to provide you our service with maximum safety. We are happy and proud to inform you that we follow all the instructions for selected public activities for the prevention and control of COVID-19, Provided by the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services and affiliated with the World Health Organization and Government Medical Officers Association.

If your wish is to marry through this pandemic, We are here at your service with the highest safety assured from our side!

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~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

Photographs are courtesy of Eliya Davide Weddings


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