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Hiring a wedding videographer for your wedding always stands as decisive! Especially, after all the efforts and months that you've taken to plan your dream day, ultimately, your wedding videographer will be the one to wrap the joy of you and your beloved's, laughs of your friends and the family, including all the other treasured moments that you couldn't relish on your big day to be cherished for the rest of your lives. Hence, it would be expected for one to be on the fence about "how much should I pay for a wedding videographer." So, here are a few tips that will help you clarify all the doubts about hiring a videographer and the price you should put on them!

"You may think that you're just paying for your final wedding videos, but there's a lot more to wedding videography prices than just the actual videos."


Most couples acknowledge wedding videography as the final video clip that they receive, which carries all adored moments of their dream day and evaluates a wedding cinematographer's price based upon it. Nonetheless, cinematographing a wedding would not be so simple, just as it sounds!

Your wedding cinematographer will have to reserve his crew's previously agreed hours of time and present at the wedding venue. Moreover, they will have to be on full alert not only to capture the holly moments of your wedding ceremony but also not to miss any of the funny dialogues and gestures that your friends made, happiness and the joy that is flowing in the eyes of your beloved's, silent tears that your parents shed of giving away the hands of their adorable daughter to the love of her life and all the other little but everlasting moments of your big day.

Besides, to make all the priceless moments of your dream day into a vivid and lively love story, post-production or the editing part consumes a much greater time. Either the post-production of your wedding video is done by the same cinematographer who filmed your big day, or another editor will do it. In both cases, video editing and collaging hundreds of video clips into one highlight video of 3-5 minutes or one-hour extended full-length video will cost both time and effort. Most wedding videographers also offer to give you one or two revisions even after delivering the final wedding video. The additional edits will add some more cost to your wedding budget.

On the other hand, wedding deliverables which might provide on a Blueray disk, DVD, USB drive, along with the highlight video reel, which you can share on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, will highly likely cost you additional charges!

"Most videographers are independent contractors, so it often varies. Typically, videographers will offer packages and a la carte pricing for extra services, extra time, or extra editing to allow you to customize your package. It is recommended that you start with a standard package and customize it from there to make sure all your bases are covered. You can often get a better bargain this way."

-BRIDES by Su-Jit Lin and Elizabeth Mitchell-

There are a bunch of good wedding cinematographers who are having a distinct level of expertise and experience. Hence, the price of the wedding videographers will differ based upon them. You can, of course, find low-budget wedding videographers available in the wedding community. Nevertheless, the premium wedding cinematographers who already have build a quiet brand in the wedding videography industry will have their standard or customized wedding cinematography packages provided for wedding couples which may start around 100,000 Rupees (Approx USD500+).

Typically, the standard customized wedding cinematography packages are inclusions of the full-length wedding video reel and highlight video, which might give with the selected raw video footages on your request. You can always ask to add "extras" like drone shots, audio clips of the couple and the retinue, speeches, pre-shoot video, or perhaps a slide show of photos. But, keep your mind remember, those added "extras" will always add an extra cost to your wedding video. Despite the cost, your wedding videographer has the full potential to cinematize those little "extra videos" creatively. After all, since it is the biggest day of you and your beloved's that you are going to weave into an everlasting memory, the decision of hiring a wedding videographer ideally cannot be determined on the cost of them!

"It's important to find a videographer whose work you love and who is within budget, as well as a professional whom you feel comfortable with. You're going to be spending a lot of time with your videographer, so he or she should have a personality you love!"


No one should break their bank for a wedding video. Therefore, every couple's wish would be to invest money that would all be worth receiving a collection of the most adored memories of their dream day wrapped in their wedding video. Wedding cinematographers realize this well. So, you are always open to negotiating some of the burning concerns like

"How many weddings you filmed this year?" "Can I choose music for my wedding highlight?" "Have you filmed at my venue before?" "Have you worked with my photographer before?" "Do you add the audio of the vows to the wedding video?" "When will I receive my finished video?" "Will you upload the highlight reel on social media?."

That way, you can have a rough idea of whether the price you would spare for your wedding videographer is worth it at all and that you would be comfortable with filming with your selected wedding cinematographer!

"Given the choice, most of us would relive our wedding days over and over again, and hiring a professional videographer to capture the entire day is our chance at doing just that."

It's worth it to hire a videographer if you have room in your budget and you're interested in seeing your wedding as your guests did — especially if you missed a lot of moments while you were in another area taking photographs. Just don't forget to tip your videographer for a job well done!"

-Joy by Jamie Birdwell Branson-

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

Photographs are courtesy of Eliya Davide Weddings

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