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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Anyone with a camera can shoot a video right?

If you're thinking like that I don't know what to say. The critical factor to look for when selecting a wedding videographer is experience. Wedding videos are a special genre, so you need someone who understands that inside out.

Here's an important point,

Most Videographers starting in the Wedding Video Business thinking its an easy money. So that means you have to be careful when selecting the right professional.

Our photographer has a video team its more cost-effective and hassle-free right?

Yes, if your selected professional can do both photography and videography that's more effective right, or is it?

Think about what your selected person most experienced in, is it photography or videography. If its photography his/her priority will be giving you great photos. Videography is just a side business for them.

That means you'll get great photos with a crappy video.

Always ask for demos. Don't just go for recommendations.

Different videographers have different styles and you should choose one which you are comfortable with before confirming the professional. You can learn about our styles in the previous blog.

We're die-hard SONY people

Another thing is the price. That's most important for you. Making Wedding Videos are an expensive task so right professionals charge a lot of money to turn a fair profit. You should regard cheap quotes with suspicion.

Finally, meet personally with your selected professional and discuss what are the final deliveries, your requirements and it's better to get familiar with each other before the event.

Most Importantly,

Choose the best videographer you can afford. If necessary, make compromises on expenses for things that won't live as long as the video. It's a decision you won't regret it.

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