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The Morning of the wedding can be hectic and at the same time intriguing. Being the bride, your wedding day would be your biggest dream coming to reality. Thus, It is true that brides are naturally to overthink even the little things on the wedding day more than the Groom, as they don’t want to ruin their big day due to a tiny mishap.

Being a bride you will have less possibility to run back home for a few forgotten little things which will matter to you the most but will ultimately make your Love wait at the aisle for you a little bit longer than it was planned and the next plans to be followed belatedly!

It makes sense that every bride usually put more effort into their dream day than the Groom, both BEFORE and DURING the wedding. Many brides plan their wedding thousands of times in their minds and work on planning it officially for about a year (months) or two. Thus, no bride wants to find anything missing on her wedding bag that carries everything needed for the day ahead.

Being prepared can save you from getting loaded with unnecessary stress and your loved ones and vendors from running around the venue on the wedding day looking for the things that you missed getting readied beforehand!

Start packing your bridal bag before a week

Wedding days are absolute to fly. The wedding day will be a bustling and rushing day that you will have to rush from one thing to another with no time to spare. Therefore, it indeed is a must for a Bride to have a properly prepared bag that carries all the necessary items, Which will make you live in each moment with your heads high!

Naturally, every Bride is having a bag that contains all the wedding day essentials. However, the one who is preparing it might be different. No matter whether your mother or your bridesmaids prepare it for you or you prepare it on your own, there are a few important things that should be there inside the bag that you cannot let go of!

1. A comfortable robe

Choose a robe that you can wear before you put on your wedding dress, which will also help your beautician to make your hair and makeup easily. Also, remember to choose a robe that you can comfortably wear in front of the photographer and the videographer if they have plans in taking pre-dress up photoshoots.

2. Bottled water

One only weds for once, don’t they? So, you are supposed to put on an active, smiling mode during all your wedding day, and for that water will do great to keep you hydrated and refreshed. There will be plenty of water in your wedding location. Yet, one or two small water bottles will not be much to be packed into your bag that would be necessary.

3. Travel Sewing kit

Sewing kits can become handy on an occasion where your wedding dress needs to mend on the wedding location due to a loose thread or popped button. It will save you from getting a fashion emergency that can ruin the whole mood of the day.

4. Aspirin or any other pain reliever

You, as the Bride can get nervous on your big day. However, if you know that you are someone who will go over the moon after saying “Yes” it is always better to pack aspirin or any other pain relievers. That will make yourself more at ease from all the excitement, and stress.

5. Deodorant

Whether it is hot or not, having a deodorant inside your bridal bag will not be a waste. Anyone is highly likely to get sweaty with all the exhaustion and nervousness of the day. And having a Deodorant can make you much more comfortable.

6. Spare Heels or flats

Cell Phone charger, extra tissues, travel mouthwash, clothing tape, safety pins, lipsticks, moisturizer, snacks are a few other items that you will essentially need on your wedding day.

What does a bride need most on her wedding day? Peace of mind. After months (or years!) of planning this event, the one thing she needs most on her wedding day is to know that everything has fallen into place.

The most anxious moment for a Bride will be when she walks down the aisle. Where the Groom is waiting to go on a long path with her on the journey of life. Right after you’ve said “I DO” there will always be a grand party on the edge to celebrate your love. Thus, one of the most important things that a Bride needs to keep on her is a smile. And never be afraid to laugh and enjoy every precious moment of your day to a maximum! Packing bridal essentials is high to make things easier not only for the Bride but also for her family and as well as vendors. If the Bride is properly ready for her day, all the other plans can be carried out smoothly without any last-minute changes.

Remember, no matter how well planned the wedding is, if the Bride forgets to bring something to the wedding that she needs most on her wedding day, she will not be in a good mood to enjoy the most precious moments of her dream day.

Preparing bridal checklists for the wedding and thoroughly going through them, again and again, to check if something is missing at least a week before will always be an additional convenience. Since you are ready with all your necessities for the wedding day, even if an emergency pops up, nothing will be able to distress the smile of joy from your face!

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

Photographs are courtesy of Enamour Studio

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