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Updated: Sep 4, 2021

If you are lighting your hopes to tie your knot in the upcoming months, the truth will be that weddings amidst COVID will never be the same as the ones with overfilled ceremonies as before. All weddings will be slightly different according to COVID-related restrictions and safety guidelines set for everyone's health. Nonetheless, it is gratifying to hear most of the soon-to-be-weds are over with their heartbreaks of postponing their weddings as all of them are carrying out wedding ceremonies with their CAN'T BE WITHOUT GUEST LISTS!

"Think about those people that were the very first ones you couldn't wait to tell about your engagement. They are likely the same ones that you have very regular (text) conversations with, so they are the ones you should add to your list first. It's wise to reach out to these individuals to confirm that they're available on the date you intend to get married."


Within the bounds of social, party and other gathering restrictions, Guest Count will be the newest reality the couples must have to withstand. Trimming down your guest list will be daunting and tricky, but something inescapable amidst the pandemic condition. So get a grip on yourself to shorten the original guest count to your "Can't go withouts" with the best courtesy you can offer to the guests that you'll have to trim down. Take the helping hand of your planner if you have one to navigate through guest lists and get recommendations on approaching them tastefully and heartily.

"In a small and intimate wedding, the key is to stick with your A-List, and forget about the others. Cross off the names of the people you're inviting only because they invited you, or that person who's only around because they did you a huge favour once upon a time."

-Shashank Ahuja-

Your squad and beloved family will likely be on the A-list who will be sharing the joy of your biggest day with you. Still, what if they are stuck in situations where they cannot travel due to travel restrictions or self-quarantine? Besides, some guests prefer staying home during these crucial times though they would do anything to come and share the glory of your dream day. Hence, first and foremost, it is vital to have some relaxing conversations with guests giving realistic expectations you have about the guest limits and the wedding proceedings. It would also be handy to keep B, C, and D lists with some close friends ready. If some guests from A list back out, you can take a few guests from others to fill in. Nonetheless, always let all your guests effectively be informed that your primary concern is keeping everyone safe and healthy, making that way soothing and assured to everyone despite any last-minute adjustments of the wedding crowd you pick up.

"Your need to whittle down your guest count will most likely not come as a surprise to your guests. They might even be expecting it."


We will not elaborate that cutting down half of your wedding crowd will make everything great. Undoubtedly, from your end to guests' ends, whittled-down guest counts are going to be distressing.

Still, given the COVID-19 situation, it would be satisfactory if you can take a wedding ceremony with at least 50 guests! Hence, our advice is not to be perturbed and let down your loved ones. Instead, reach out to them warmly and reveal to them that due to restrictions, you can't have them all at your wedding, but you love them all dearly, which is the exact reason why you are limiting your crowd for everyone's safety. Not to mention that you can invite your extended friends to join virtually. Inform them that you have afforded exceptional proceedings like live-streaming just for themselves to make them an integral part of your celebration and to share the love and joy with them!

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

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