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Willing to say "I do" surrounded by jingle bells and seasonal florals? Nothing can be more magical than seasonal weddings, which are always blessings accompanied by nature's beauty. If you plan to tie the knot in this coming festive season, here are some clues to warm up your wedding party and the guests!

While most couples choose to get married in the warmer summer weather, a beautiful winter wedding offers plenty of promise, too. Whether you want it to be festive before Christmas or a winter wedding like in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka there's plenty of options to play with.

-Wedding Ideas-

May to September considered as the height of the wedding season. The surrounding is filled with warmness and gayness during those months, with the smell of spring flowers and the birds' cheering.

However, having your wedding during the Christmas season will not be the worst idea because it can provide you ample space to celebrate your December holiday and Christmas together with all your loved ones even before the holiday and Christmas eve strikes!

Still on the fence about throwing a December wedding? Then you'll warm right up to these Seasonal wedding advantages. From less stress over the weather to better venue rates, here's why you'll be grateful to get married in the Festive season!


The wedding planning period can be seemingly high costly and exceedingly tiresome if the wedding planner will have to consider the threat of your wedding getting disturbed by the unpredicted rain, wind, and excessive heat. However, one of the benefits of planning seasonal weddings is that the chances that your wedding can be disturbed by nature's factors during the December festive season are scarce. The climate will be very mild, even in Sri Lanka. Thus, this season will be perfect if your dream is to have an outdoor wedding function without making anyone uncomfortable on your big day!

Most locations and vendors book up quickly during the summer months and come with a hefty price tag, whereas those same locations and vendors are available for a lower price during the colder months


Another advantage of having a seasonal wedding is more open dates and venues with a lower rate. During the festive season, locations will not be busy with weddings. So, there will be more choices at lower prices too. Similarly, they can be very attentive in terms of making your dream day a memorable one by helping you to arrange your wedding decor and facilitate everything according to your needs where they will be flexible too!

Unwrap some of the season's best in holiday and winter wedding décor


All the venues during the season will already be decorated for holidays and Christmas, which will be another bonus for your wedding ceremony. However, apart from the venues' festive decor, you can select a unique seasonal theme and use seasonal flowers with other Christmas decors such as Christmas trees, miniature ornaments, mini trees, bells, and many more. You can also customize thank you gifts like glass bottles, which carry a small snowman or anything else that will remind them of the Christmas season and make your wedding an opportunity to give away the Christmas gifts to your loved ones even before Christmas eve.

So, your wedding will give an atmosphere where it portrays the elements of the seasonal changes giving some of the excellent holiday and seasonal vibes to your wedding party and guests, making everyone's hearts filled with happiness and the joy of the festive season!

Indoor or outdoor, a string of glistening twinkle lights can help set the tone for your nuptials.


Do you know lights can create magic at your weddings? ( Pun-intended )

Since this is the festive season, ask your wedding decorator to put more lights that will brighten your whole wedding location. Do not forget to use cheerful colours as decor and use lights with your theme colours. You can either use them on ceilings to dangle from there or place them in your table decor associated with candles or use them both. Besides, you can incorporate them into your Head Table and hang them in the entrance with seasonal flowers that spread the smell of the seasonal joy so that guests will have the seasonal vibe the moment they enter the wedding venue.

Apart from that, you can use simple decors with Christmas bells, designed tablecloths, and customized napkins with a message of seasonal greeting so that you can spread festive and holiday cheers on your wedding itself!

If you marry during July and August, you're likely have to pay more for your honeymoon as it's during the summer tourism season. You'll also have to avoid some destinations at this time.

-Wedding Ideas-

If you tie the knot during the December winter season, honeymoon packages are more likely to get reduced more than ever. There will be lots of offers and cheap packages due to the cold climates, which will be advantageous for you. Moreover, if you take your wedding during this festive season, you will no longer have to spend your festive holiday alone. You can share it with your lover while you can make your honeymoon a little bit longer with festivities and have some unforgettable time of travelling and add memories that will last for a lifetime!

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri ~

Photographs are courtesy of | Eternal Elegance

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