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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Wedding videography stands as one of your best investments for your wedding in the entire planning process. On the whole, it would be your wedding videographer who will take on their shoulders to capture every tiny moment of your big day that you might miss but would be desperate to savor just after it is all over. Besides, your wedding videography team will be there hanging around with you all day, and you won't possibly want to pose for wedding shoots in front of strangers, don't you? Hence, the best way would be to put forward whatever doubts and concerns you have with your wedding videographer and get familiar with them so that you can enjoy an excellent time with them while on the shoot!

"You should get a good sense of them as a people/a person because this is a person who will be there ON YOUR FREAKING WEDDING DAY! You want and deserve to feel warm fuzzies when you talk with them. Knowing their history and the story is going to help you decide if they are going to be the right people for you."

-Elora May Creative Studios by Elora Braden-

If you have been planning your wedding for quite some time, you might already have a few equipped questions to ask from your videographer, don't you? If not, it is a perfectly normal thing to be delighted by the works and style of your selected videographer. Either way, here are some of the primary yet essential questions to be asked from your wedding videographer before you decide on hiring them to cinematize your big day!

What is your shooting style?

Shooting style apparently would not be an issue for you because you and your beloved's eyes might already have caught the unique style of your wedding videographer. However, some may prefer cinematic style to documentary or linear to non-linear style. Thus, it would be advantageous for you to ask your videographer what his style of shooting your wedding video is and clarify it with your preferred style. Besides, if he is a well-accomplished videographer, he might pick out which videography style he desires to take your wedding shoots and edit and smooth out your final wedding video or highlight accordingly.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

It is believed that the longer a videographer stays at your wedding, the more chances are for him to take shots of your wedding day. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that your videographer is supposed to shoot everything that takes place at your wedding every second of the time they are around! However, you might have noticed that videographers take a little more time to take a single shot when photographers are snapping over 100 photos while videographers shoot just one go. Besides, videography should happen naturally and lively so that they cannot force the couple to be either emotional or romantic at one click of the camera.

Thus, it is essential to sort out the coverage of your wedding videography. In addition, your videography coverage should also correspond with factors like the timeline that you have for the couple shoot, locations that you have to travel, and the people involved in the shoot. Therefore, customarily, eight hours is the usual wedding videography coverage. Still, if you intend to prolong your wedding videography coverage hours, you are always free to ask your videographer whether they are flexible with that and how much they charge for extra hours.

Do you have experience in working with our selected photographer?

The relationship between the wedding photographer and videographer creates a considerable impact on your wedding. Since they will inevitably have to move together on your wedding day, if they are not on good terms with each other, you are highly likely to get affected by their tension which will ruin not only your mood for the couple shoot but also the final output of both your wedding video and photographs. Hence, it is vital to learn whether your wedding videographer has previous experience with your selected photographer, creating an excellent combination of two easing your stresses of the day plus super outcome of final wedding video and photographs. On the other hand, if your wedding videographer does not have previous experiences with the photographer, finding out their flexibility to working with them might avoid you facing any inconvenience on your big day!

How do you choose music for the final clip?

Music plays a significant role in bringing back your memories with your beloved. Therefore, every couple wishes to have their favorite music and songs on to the final clip of their wedding video. Nevertheless, the songs you want to add to the background music of your wedding video might have concerns about copyrights. What most videographers do here is they keep license of the music for their films. That music might not be the songs that you usually listen to. Still, they will create a new vibe of the new life you will enter on your big day! So inquiring about the music or the track that your wedding videographer intends to add to your final wedding film before he starts editing your wedding clips will always be a handy advantage for you and the videographer both. That will avoid needless revisions of the final wedding film.

When do I get the final film, and how do I get it?

Who isn't eager to watch the missed parts of the biggest day of their life? Thus, most couples would likely bother their videographer asking for their wedding highlights, Instagram clips, and the final wedding film just after coming home from their honeymoon. Therefore, you must ask your wedding videographer clearly BEFORE the wedding as, " When you upload the highlight video? When do they provide the final film? "How are we getting it? "In a Blu Ray or DVD format or via a USB or via both ways?"

We know that you have tons of other questions to ask from your wedding videographer, like

"How many shooters do I need to take?"
"Do you set up lights, or do you shoot from natural light?"
" Do you edit the wedding video or someone else does it?"
"Why do I need to get a wedding videographer and what makes him different from the photographer?"

and many more, Therefore, our recommendation is to never hesitate to ask any of your burning concerns from your wedding videographer. It is because we genuinely entrust that your wedding video is the best investment of your wedding which will be the only vibrant thing that you and your beloved can savor with a nostalgia of the day you tied your knot while sharing the joy of it with your family and friends.

~ Nipuni Mahathanthri~

Destination Bridal Concept Designed by LIGHTS AND MAGIC

Photographs are courtesy of ENAMOUR STUDIO


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